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Sachiko Girl In The Red Dress [Coprse party MMD]DL by SuzannahMarie
Sachiko Girl In The Red Dress [Coprse party MMD]DL

Here is a Haloween MMD gift for you all it's the cute ghost girl in Corpse Party [in TDA form].

I hope you like her..

see her in action:

rules and credits:

Don't forget to credit when you use. No 18+ stuff (even though this character is from an 18+ anime/ game series)... And do not take parts unless you have permission to.
I think that is all...


Sooozabell (me)
Dress: HarukaSakurai
eyes:  Xoriu
hair: Tehrainbowllama
Yu89e6dD by SuzannahMarie

"Were are we going Felix?" You asked your best friends forever, since childhood, pewdiepie... or Felix.

"I would like you to meet a friend of mine. I think you two would be fabulous together," He answered as he drove down the high street in  Florida.

"I Cant see you as the cupid type. And besides this is meant to be our BFF holiday not  a set a friend with another friend holiday."

"(Name) he's a cool guy, you will like him. Please trust me on this..."

"Oh alright then, but can I at least know who he is before I see him. A name, what he does?"

"umm... Well he is a YouTuber who play's games-"

"Not Mark?" you questioned in a shocked tone.

"No not him. You two have never met."


"His name is Ryan... (This is cry we're talking about, we obviously  don't really know his real name but the most popular name used in Fanfic is Ryan soooooo....Pfft)."


"Okay we're here," Felix interrupted and got out of the car.

You followed suit and walked over to the door to a nice decent size house. Felix rung the door bell and waited presciently. you were to busy thinking about Your friends friend that you didn't notice the door opening.

"Oh hey Felix you're here... Who is this?" the person asked.

"Hey Cry this my best friend (Name)."

'Cry...? As Cryaotic,' You looked over with a shocked look.

and there stood the man in the mask, Cry. Of course he would be wearing a mask, Cry is one big (?). He never showed his face on YouTube and always wore white clothing and a mask at conventions. You were always curious to know what he looked like under that mask... maybe this is your chance.

"H-Hello." you became shy all of a sudden.

Cry chuckled and stepped aside so you could walk in.

"Nice to finally meet you (name). Felix has told me all about you," Cry said walking beside you.

If a mask could shoe the faces emotion... it would have a faint blush showing right now. You on the other hand had a huge blush that was notice able.

"Oh really, like what?"

Knowing Felix he probably said something nice about you... Then something embarrassing. you groaned slightly at the thought and sighed.

"What did he say?" you asked nervously.

"He told me how funny you are, how shy you can get around people you don't know, cute, Beautiful...."


"umm... that's about it, and he's been right so far."

You could sense the smirk behind that mask. you just lightly glared at him and followed him to the living room. he chuckled at your expression and offered you a drink.

--------------------------  Cry's... Ryan's... Mr Mysterious's... Whatever POV-----------------------

As i walked into the kitchen to get (name) a drink, I saw Felix by the sink.... waiting... with that creepy 'What do you think?' smirk.


"She's cool I guess...?"

"Just cool. Dude I saw a connection."

"Oh really? What you saw an invisible red piece of string tied around us or something," I joked.

"Maaaaybe." Felix sang.

"And you can take that mask off. She won't tell anyone."


"If there is someone out there that can keep secrets better than yourself... it's (Name)."

I sighed and took off the mask. it felt good to take it off, it got hot and stuffy anyway. 

"What if she thinks I'm ugly and wont want to see my face?"

"Now that IS a question I can't answer."


"Now i have already pored her a glass of milk, which is her favorite (if not then tough luck think of something else)."

I took the glass of milk from Felix and we headed back to the living room. When (Name) turned round I saw her eyes widen and she softly gasped. That's I knew it, she thought I was hideous... 

------------Normal POV------------

As you heard Felix and Ryan walk back in you turned your head. You gasped when the most handsomest man you have ever seen walked in to the room.

'Is that cry?' you asked yourself.

Despite the small burn under his eye, which you didn't care about, he was very attractive. You didn't think the burn was ugly either... It made him more manly. A small blush cover your cheeks and your face softened when you saw Crys pout.

"I knew this was bad idea," he said and walked out of the living room.


"C-Cry wait," 

Out of reflex, you quickly stood up and ran after the man. He ended up hiding in the bathroom and you knocked on thew door.

"Cry come out of the bathroom... please," you pleaded.

"This is the reason why I hide my face, because of the stupid burn," he muttered.

You were silent for a moment. You sighed and sat down with your back against the wall.

"I was worried. I couldn't stop thinking about what Felix's friend would think if they saw my face..."

"You're not ugly, I was just surprised to finally see your face.To be honest You're... You're handsome. And I definitely don't find the burn ugly." You assured him.

"You don't think I'm ugly...?"

"No... You are a funny attractive YouTuber that I have grown to love."

Your face was on fire right now. You hardly knew the guy in person and you already said you loved him. Once again there was silence for a moment. You heard a faint click and you stood up as the door opened.  Cry walked out and gave you a very awkward hug. you hugged back though and waited for him to pull away.

"Um... I'm not used to hugging sorry about that."

You laughed lightly and shook your head, "That's okay."

You examined his face again and you were right about what you said. He was not ugly and that burn didn't make him any less attractive. You weren't really paying much attention to your actions as you lifted your hands up and cupped his cheeks. You then leaned in a kissed where the burn was. Ryan was shocked by this but he liked it... He doesn't believe in love at first sight but he could already feel his heart beat getting faster at your touch and falling for you.

"Thank you," He whispered as his arms wrapped round your from and enjoying the moment.

---Extended ending----

Felix crept out of the house with a grin on his face. he got in the car and drove off as quickly as he could.

"A match made in heaven... All thank to me," he sang on the way back to the hotel.


"Did I just hear a car drive off?" Cry asked.

You pulled away and walked the the front of landing and looked out of the window. you saw Felix drive off with out.

"That son of a bitch"

"Oh. it looks like you will be staying the night. I'll get you something to wear for bed." Cry said and walked to his room.

You felt your phone buzz and you looked at the text sent by the ass himself.

'Hey (Name). have fun with your new boyfriend tonight.... But not to much fun ;). I'll pick later tomorrow

love PewdiePie X.' 


'Son of a bitch...'

Cryaotic X Reader match maker
here is a cry fanfic since i haven't written in a while i thought i would a onshot on here.

I hope you enjoy :) 

this is also on my wattpad…
Tda Ballora MMD (WIP) by SuzannahMarie
Tda Ballora MMD (WIP)
I think they are ready to go up for Download now. I am really happy with the end results for both Ballora and Baby. all I need to do now and make a pose with them together and a motion then put them up for Dl.

I hope you like them...


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Suzannah Halstead
United Kingdom
I am :iconnumber-2plz::iconnumber-0plz:years old, , just A young woman who loves singing, acting, writing (Mainly Fanfiction) and making up random music :3.

check out and follow....


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