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You walked threw the school with the E class students to the sports hall for assembly. All the E class students except for you were tired from the 'shoe cut' down the mountain.

"Wow you guys are so unfit," you chuckled as you helped some of the students who collapsed at the bottom.

"How do you do it (name)?" Nagisa asked and panted.

You shrugged and strutted towards the main building. All the mains building students had there eyes on you again... they couldn't help but think of how fabulous you looked, but because you were a E class they still felt like they should push you around.

"Oh look it the Looser class, why do you guys even attend these assembly's anyway?" One of the A class know it all taunted.

"Because for your information we are also part of this school... I thought you were meant to be smart?" You smirked after you said that.

There faces were priceless. This brought spirit towards the other E class students as they tried to hold in their laughter. You chuckled not waiting for an answer and walked to the front of the E class line. in the corner with his friends, Asano was listening in to your mini conversation. He chuckled lightly at his class mate faces also. He wouldn't admit it but he liked you a lot. He hopped you will come to the school disco just so that he could talk to you more.

"That new girl has some spark huh?" Ren stated in a flirtatious manner.

"Yeah," Asano sighed which was heard by the people around him.

"I mean yeah she does... did you know that she is also A* in all of her class subjects," Asano coughed.

"Really even better than you Asano?"

"Just as," he said bluntly.

"Wow and she is in E class... Why?"

"I don't know... anyway let line up."

---Disco night---

you were able to convince E class to go to the Disco with you. They were hesitant at first but agreed. You all walked up to the main entrance and was stopped by one of the snobby students.

"Woah there E class, you're not allowed here."

"Oh Really because I just got permission from the head of the school council Soooo...."

"A-Asano invited you?" the student asked in surprise.

"Yes let them Pass," Asano ordered and the student moved out of the way.

You walked them and Karma grabbed your arm and pulled away from the group and Asano. You looked at him questionably as he gave you a serious look. Asano took notice and acted like he wasn't listening.

"What's the matter karma?" you asked in concern.

"You know he's only being nice to you so he can info on E class right," karma pointed out.

This made Asano's eye twitch when Karma said that. You huffed and crossed your arms, not agreeing with karma.

"No he's not Karma."

"Of course he is. I heard him ask about our teacher the other day... you know when you were got to the main building for lunch."

"So you're stalking me now?" you started to get frustrated with the red head.

"N-No I was bored so decided to take a stroll and that's when I saw you two."

"It's fine karma maybe you should stop worrying."

"I couldn't care less if you told him about koro-sensei to be honest... I just don't want you to feel like you're being used," Karma was trying so hard to keep his blush hidden.

"If it will make you feel any better karma, I'll be careful... But I don't think Asano is the person people claim him to be. I honest he's not like his father at all, complete opposite actually."

"Whatever... just, like you said be careful."


"Come on (Name) lets dance."

You and your friends have talking, dancing and laughing. None of the students batted an eyelid about you guys being there... in all honesty the majority acted like you were normal people and not low life looser's, which was nice. It's been an hour since you guys arrived at the disco and out of the blue Isogai asked you to dance with him.

"Sure," You agreed and took his hand as he led you further onto the dance floor.

It was quiet an upbeat song 'Show me how to Burlesque by Christina Aguilera'. Isogai spun, twirled, lifted and pulled you around him and the dance floor. The two of you laughing as he did so. A circle was formed as everyone watch the two of you danced. E class just watched in awe as Isogai danced with you.

"Is there anything they can't do?" Nagisa and Kaede asked in awe.

The others just laughed after their little faze and cheered the two of you on. Rio and karma had their phoned and recorded the whole thing with a Koro-sensei smile on their faces. As for Asano he watched with an irritated look on his face. He was hopping to talk to you at some point but was interrupted with your friends asking you for a dance... Or was he jealous? Near the end of the song you dragged Rio and Isogai dragged Karma and the other in the circle kind of like a flash mob where everyone joins in after one or two people.  At the end You and Isoagi same back together. he wrapped his arms around your waist you lent back  and the song finished. Most of the students clapped and cheered after your dance. Isogai brought you back up so were standing up straight and kissed your cheek. The kiss made Asano's blood boil and stalked his way towards the two of you. 


"Oh hey Asano what's up?" you asked and tried to cool down after Isogai kissed you.

"Uhh... I-I was wandering if I could have the next dance with you," Asano asked blushing slightly.

You looked at him in shock. You weren't expecting him to ask you since there were so many pretty girls to choose from. You looked up at Isogai who smiled warmly at you and nodded... You didn't even know you looked at him for permission. you turned to Asano and took his hand. many girls in the room watched... glared at you as you danced with Asano with a slow dance.

"This is the last song of the night so grab a partner and make it count," the DJ chimed.

most of the students found or had a partner. The ones who didn't just dance with their group of friends (Like I used to with my group of friends back at school). As for you and Asano, you were already swaying with each other. his hands on your waist and your hands cupped the back of his neck. You didn't realize that you were gazing into each others eyes while in your own little worlds. Even Karasuma and Bitch-sensei were dancing together... bitch-sensei was in a romantic faze while Karasume just looked awkward.

"Thank you for coming... I would have left earlier if you didn't show up," Asano whispered into your ear.


"... Never mind why... You look um... lovely tonight," he complemented and turned his head away.

You giggled and kissed his cheek causing hims to become all flushed. 

"Thank you."

"And About what Karma said... I'm not using you for information, I was just curious and I Really want to get to know you better."

"I would like that," you said.

During your little conversation you didn't realize your faces inching closer. You were almost about to kiss until the hall bright hall lights turned on and and the music faded. You blushed as did Asano and you both pulled away.

"Well s-see you Monday (name)," he said strolled off back to his friends.

Asano Gakushuu X E Class Reader Illuminated ch 4
A/N: Here's the fourth chapter. A bit of karma Xreader and Yuma X Reader in this chapter :3. Karma being all protective and Yuma just being an innocent Ikemen causing Asano to be all jelly belly :'D... I hope you enjoy.

Story by me, also on my wattpad:…

Asano Talking Icon Asano Smiling Icon 

Ynadere! Yumma Isogai X Reader Super Psycho Love chapter 1

Yumma Isogai was the Ikemen everyone knows and loves, both as a friend, a crush and a class mat... But what if all that charming smile and gentlemen personality was all just an act to win the girl of his dreams heart. Who was the girl of his dreams you ask... Well it's none other than female idol, also known as the princess of the high school, (Full name), aka you guy the Readers. Students look up to you like you were some sort of famous model... Well yeah you are a part time model.... (and yes you knew a model named Ryota Kise//Crossover// :p). The fact that you were a model and modeled with guys did not make this particular Ikemen happy. Isogai who protects the people he loves and will destroy anyone who hurts them or gets in the way.... What a man *cough*. And when his eyes landed on you his whole ship sailed over. It was love at first sight for him and he became very possessive towards you. If a guy flirted with you he was there to drag you away. If I guys tried to rape you he was there to knock them out cold. He was sooooo... madly in love with you that people could call it super psycho love, but because of his acting skills he hid it well under that winning smile, yet his eyes never changed.

     As for you. You were unsure of your own feeling towards the Ikemen. You loved it when he was there to save you from the uncomfortable, awkward and scary situations, but the fact that he was  near you all the time crept you out. It was... kind cute but all so very stalkerish. Then again you did have a small crush on the teen so you never really questioned his actions and just stutter a small thank you with a bow. Even though you knew he was hiding something, you couldn't help the fact that you liked him in a romantic way. He made your heart skip a beat when he speaks and your cheeks flush red when he smiles, but his eyes looked dark and cold when a guys looked over at you, that was something you didn't fail to miss but didn't question. Reading and watching enough Future diary made you think that maybe he was a bit of a Yandere... and a cute yet possessive one at that. Just because of the look in his eyes you can see that he would not hesitate to kill someone if they hurt you. your emotion towards him were all over the place that it made your head hurt. Lets get on with the story and see how the two of you end up and what road your emotions will lead you....


"Did you guys hear? (Full name) is coming to our high school," one of the girls students squealed.

"No way... I hope she's in our class," another joined.

"Sweet a model in our school and she's hot to," one of the guys pipped up.

"Hey Isogai, you've heard of (name) right?" one of my friends asked.

"Yeah an old school friend of mine introduced her to me," I blushed and rubbed the back of my neck.

"Huh who," the class beckoned me to continue.

"An actress called Akari Yukimura introduced her to me, Isogai and some other old school friends of ours during our little reunion we had a month ago," Maerhara pipped up and showed the class a photo. (I know there was 7 year reunion in the show but lets just say they had one a year after they kill korosensei).

"Wow they're both hot..."

"You guys are lucky to know famous people... I'm so jealous..."

"Now Now class the Mr Honda is coming," the class rep announced.

We all went back our seats and stood and wait for the teacher. Once the teacher came in we all said good morning and bowed before sitting down.

"Hello class today we have a new student joining us... Now I know this all very exciting to some of you but please keep your hands to yourself, (name) you can come in now."

Everyone was quite as you entered the room. Fan girls and fan boys whispered to there class mates when you stood in front of them. 

"Hello everyone my name is (full name) and I really looking forward to working with you guys and hope we can all get along," you said with that angelic voice of yours.

"KYAAAAA...." the girls squealed.

"Thank you (Name), if you would like to sit next to Isogai then we can get the class started," Mr Honda said and pointed to me.

Your eyes seemed to sparkle more when you looked my way. You walked over and sat at the spare table next to me and smiled.

"Hey Isogai it's nice to see you again... And you too Maehara," you chimed and faced the front.

Maehara just grinned and gave you the thumbs up. My cheeks flushed slightly as I tried to focus during class. I don't know what it is, my heart speeds up every time I am around you. I think.... I think I am already in love with you...

Ynadere!Yumma Isogai XReader Super Psycho Love ch1
A/N: Yep another mini fanfic, startin off with a really long monologue... GAAA, I got to into it and forgetting about the actual story haha woops. Anyway I hope you enjoy this story and enjoy the Yandere side of Yumma Isogai.

Story mine. (This is also on my Wattpad accound XXILoveAnime123…


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